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9:33 p.m. - 2005-02-28

I am really getting fed up with school. It's rather frightening. But don't worry, it's not like I'm actually giving up. I just moan and grown more then usual when doing work.

In bio I got bored, so I wrote a chapiter for my story. But the ending equals shit, therefore I feel the need to re-write it. The ending at least.

Hurray! My mom bought Vitamin C chewables!

On spare I SHOULD have been working on my IA... seeing as I am not even half done and it is due in two days... but I got distracted by friends and ended up at McDonalds.

I also SHOULD be studying for my chem test tomorrow... but am not, and planning to sleeping in about 10-15 minutes. If I don't get distracted, which I know I will. (I hate chem.)

After school I went out for tea at Steeps (its been like forever since I've been there!) and about 8 of us sat around and drank iced tea. It was fantastic. Relaxing. Somewhat reflective. Rejunivating. Inspiring. And I took a picture.

By the end it was Claire and I. And we were hungry. As usual. So we went to Open Seseame which we have not been to in forEVER. It was really really nice.

1)The food is amazing and my jaw actually hurts from eating so much and fast.
2)It was empty.
3)We sat with all these other couples, who were probably on dates.
4)I actually haven't talked to Claire in a really long time, and I miss her. We talked lots.
5)We had dessert.

So now, a part of me is overwhemlingly happy, and the other part is overwhemlingly stressed.

Maybe I should start doing my homework.

But right now, MASH is on.

Love Ashley

ps- I love my shoes. They have replaced my seach for a meaningful relationship. (No one will get that, because no one watches Fraiser)

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